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Good thoughts 74. #4 as I am calling them only have an acre or two but the back portion of their own land is wooded which would be a start for them plus the land on their north side is empty (owned by some guy in New Hampshire none of us have ever met) where they could harvest wood too and not have to haul it so far. In my woods there is standing and fallen dead stuff here and there already. Right on the edge of the road currently I have two very large standing dead trees (a black cherry and an ash) that I’m bartering with someone on to take down for me and clean up the mess, keeping the wood for firewood as payment. A lot of folks around here with more time and energy than money. I suppose it would be easy to tuck away a couple cross saws. The other supplies wouldn’t be too bad either. Thinking more about #4’s land, immediately behind them is a farm raising beef cattle. They also sugar. We’re friends with that farm family and get beef, maple syrup,and eggs from them and they too don’t have any use for #4 so there’s another household that can be dialed into figuring out how to interact with and handle #4.