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I don’t see how you will be able to give away your wood and make it long term. Think about this option if you want to help them through the winter. Out on your wood lot cut down a few trees that are good size for fire wood and leave them in the woods or limb the trees and drag them out to an access point. Eventually everyone will be using manual crosscut saws because gasoline will be gone. Buy a few extra saws now so you can lend them out. When the lights go out, let your neighbors cut the logs into lengths, split and haul their own wood. As payment for the wood and use of your equipment they can cut some wood for you.

Inexpensive wood stoves can be constructed from 55 gallon drums using kits. Buy some barrels, kits and extra stove pipe and stash it all away. Don’t bother with double wall just get single wall pipe and the fittings required to get the pipe past the roof line of their house. When they need a stove barter for something they have. You don’t need to make a tough deal just so they are happy with the deal and your not giving away your stuff.

Always make a deal for stuff so you are not the pattsie they come to for free stuff.