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wga1944, household # 1 is a divorced woman with her teenage daughter. Household #2 is the mother/grandmother to household #1. Household #2 also has a husband and a mentally handicapped man that the State pays the woman to care for. She has had him for 25 years or so since he was a kid. The mentally handicapped man does not have any behavioral issues. He is just low intelligence and I assume autistic too given he is non-verbal. He communicates using a little sign language and gutteral sounds but fully understands anything you say to him and follows instructions. We’re good friends with all of them and socialize often. Household #3 are recently retired folks and their young adult son who is in process of buying the house from them sometime this coming year. We get along great with them and have helped each other where and how we can but we don’t otherwise socialize. Household #3 gets along well with #’s 1 & 2 but they don’t socialize either. Pretty much we all just keep our distance from household #4.

The problem in discussing what to do with household #4 in such a scenario is I can’t discuss it with the good neighbors without myself then becoming the crazy neighbor. That’s what happens when preppers open their mouths to non-preppers concerning “what might be coming”. It is the problem all preppers face. I would add that all 3 households have skills that would be good come SHTF.

I suppose if this happens I would be able to meet with the 3 good neighbors to talk about how we handle #4.