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With a total lack of current reliable info, things will “Go South” very, very quickly. In hours,not days.
You must look at the reality of any situation and make cold-blooded decisions and yes, maybe pay
for them. People that “expect” others to be responsible for their well being are called “burdens”
As a civilized person, you -to a degree try to be “helpful”. However, in the middle of winter with no
electricity is a major burden for you and your loved ones. How do your other 3 neighbors get along
with that 4th one? People panic very easily and do irrational things when scared witless. Even life
long trusted neighbors can turn on you. You should be discussing this with your 3 “friendly”
neighbors very seriously while not offering to heat their homes for them. Any wood you help out
to them should be replaced by their labor or goods. That’s teamwork in disguise.