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All the muslim vetting the fedgov can muster, even if done carefully and honestly (humongous IF), won’t result in 100% perfection. But then, we hardly score 100% with those legitimately born here, and raised by legal US citizens, anyway. Yet those are risks we get no choice in accepting … to a point .

Still, there’s no possible way to significantly reduce the number of illegal invaders of any stripe, absent (1) a southern border barrier (fence/wall/moat with alligators) and (2) a government determined to enforce the laws. Either without the other will simply be an expensive and frustrating slap in the face.

I suspect that the “news” that more are leaving than arriving, is just an example of the presstitute media seizing upon a temporary seasonal phenomenon, to imply that the invasion has been turned around permanently. In other words, “Don’t worry! Be happy!”

Many of those leaving will have managed to “qualify” for Social(ist In)Security, or “Disability,” or SSI, what used to be called “crazy money,” which can be electronically deposited in some bank account, or mailed to them wherever they go. The ones who stay have yet to finish worming their way onto the gravy train. But the real masters of the game have no need to stick around where the anglos no hablan la lengua.

Cry, "Treason!"