From what I understand , the assassination group of Spetsnaz is in Syria , taking out cells . Not a lot of them , similar to the missions our SFs have , then again , you dont need very many .
Robin , i will get that over to you .
Whirl , The original Soviet Spetsnaz GRU , was a division of the KGB , and pretty much answered only to the current Soviet leader , and administered by the KGB . The original goal was infiltration and assassination . They had a 12% casualty rate , just in training . They were the best of the best , and absolutely , totally ruthless . One mission was in Lebanon , when the Soviet embassy was taken , they watched the terrorists , then captured one , cut up his body , put it in a box , and had it delivered to the head honcho rag head ………soon after , the hostages were released . That was just one that we knew about . Todays Spetsnaz are not the same as the original Soviet variety , not as brutally trained .