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Thank you so much dorette. First, what a treat to see your beautiful daughter so happy. Such times are precious amidst the sorrow that is SA.

The history of the US involvement in the Boer War was exceptionally interesting. That is not a chapter of history I ever read much on. There is no surprise that despite some popular sympathy for the Boers the US supported the Brits. Despite our own Revolutionary War to break free of them, they are still the mother country from which we came. Our deep history is British even if modern education seems to be increasingly de-emphasizing that history in favor of more politically correct “inclusion’ of so many others trying to make them more important than they were.

As an aside, in the 1st half of the 1600’s the Dutch had established a colony (New Amsterdam) which is now New York City. You can still find many Dutch place names, Dutch Reformed Churches, and descendants with Dutch surnames today in NYC, Northern New Jersey and the Hudson River Valley in NY. I have Dutch ancestors from that colony myself. The Dutch govt.in NYC had hired a certain English ancestor of mine with a somewhat well known military background at the time to deal with Indian problems they were having.