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GS, I’ve long been dubious as to the Social Security taxes the illegals pay without receiving benefits. I suspect many work at jobs paid in cash that doesn’t get declared on the tax returns where they do get to claim the “unearned income” credits on that which they do declare. I am even more skeptical on the essential jobs nonsense. At my previous home I had a lawn service where I paid $65 a week to an American to mow a half acre property. No way would I have ever paid an illegal even half that amount to do it for me. I figured if I couldn’t afford to hire someone properly I should just do it myself. Getting lawns mowed is not “essential” in that regard. Same goes for the dishwasher at restaurants. If they need to charge $1 more per meal to hire Americans that pay taxes, so be it, and those who can’t afford to pay that $1 more should just stay home and cook their own meals. And so forth. When you throw in what it costs to educate their kids, provide their health care, provide food stamps, and maybe housing too, those “essential” jobs start becoming very expensive.

It is telling however as to the state of the economy if some of the illegals are leaving.