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I don’t have any desire to debate the question of whether President Obama is a Muslim or not. It’s a waste of time, and even if he is, that alone would not necessarily be a reason to oppose him. What is NOT a waste of time is the objective reality regarding the incredible amount of time and energy he has spent on defending and promoting Islam.

By sheer coincidence, the following video just showed up in my email box from a rather outspoken friend. I easily acknowledge that it could properly be labeled propaganda. But at the same time it is the President’s own words, over and over, in multiple settings. Listen through all the way, and then ask yourself, “Have I ever heard even remotely this amount of praise for the United States or Judeo-Christian ethics and concepts out of this same set of lips?” Personally, I can instantly go to many statements of just the opposite sentiment, where he brought up the Crusades as if it was just last week and current thinking, or made other derogatory remarks about Christian values. And while the background printed comments sprinkled through this video are clearly intended to make an anti-Obama point, ask yourself further if they are fundamentally untrue.

How I’d love to see large groups out in the streets all over the nation chanting, “Hey! Hey! Ho ho! This faux president’s got to go!”