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I am tickled pink that Anonymous has gone after ISIS with all they’ve got! They’re probably far better at it than any government. This could get at least a little bit fun in the midst of the tragedies yet to come. And with Russia royally ticked off now that they’ve verified an apparent home-made bomb on board the Russian airliner, even to the point where they actually pre-notified the US on some bombing runs they were going to carry out, it gets even more fun. (And by “fun,” I’m referring to the sheer pleasure I will take with every successful reduction in ISIS lives. I value human life immensely. Those are not human beings, thus they don’t count. They’re points on a video game, and I hope to see a world record tally at the end of the game, stacked massively in the rest of the world’s favor.

I was thinking through this the past few days, not quite figuring out how to take ‘em out without committing what we normally think of as “boots on the ground.” I just can’t handle more of our best being slaughtered in a war of attrition, or returning home with severe life-long consequences. The solution I came up with – that this President will NEVER go for – is to give SpecOps a blank check and total green light for individual operations that target individuals, whether they be ISIS privates or generals – one by one, systematically, with NO announcement that anything is coming – total covert operation. Let ISIS wonder just where these shots are coming from and by whom. Take some head shots from 3/4 of a mile in a group of two or three, strike absolute fear in the heads of the living witnesses to the sudden fine red mist of their jihadi buddy’s former head, just before one of those witnesses gets to witness yet another witness experience the same. Rinse, wash, repeat, time after time after time. No up-close-and-personal hand-to-hand stuff, but very covert stuff. Sure, take some air strikes against columns, equipment, high value targets where perps are known to be in a convoy, but be relentless in the other stuff. Commit as many Delta Force and similar to whatever it takes to keep striking – one head (or split torso) at a time.

It’s time to turn the tide, and suddenly with the Russians no longer telling us to get out of “their” airspace over Syria, but now informing us of what they’re about to do next, plus Anonymous waging their cyber war to seriously degrade their capability for coordinating their world-wide attacks from some long-distance “commander,” I’m a bit encouraged (though also very discouraged by the prospect that our own CinC will find ways of sabotaging it all).