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Again , ONLY accept women and children ( if any at all ) , the men must stay and fight in their own country , or find another host nation .

That would be a good start. Though Governors can’t stop the President from sending refugees, the Governors can withhold State support. I highly doubt that the Feds are providing for all of the services refugees are receiving. State and Local govts can also be vigilant in enforcing zoning and health regs such as those that deal with how many people can occupy a housing unit, the keeping of animals, and so forth. A friend of ours in Maine who lives near where Somali Muslim refugees had gone a few years back has spoken with local health officials who tell her that they live like animals and that any apartment they occupy is literally unfit for human habitation afterwards. For example they remove the kitchen cabinet doors, add chicken wire fronts, and use them to house chickens inside their apartments. Our friend says the men don’t work at all, other than selling drugs, and that any legit employment is done by the women (when they’re not having babies). The Somalis have not assimilated at all.