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30 Governors oppose him now. It’s not going to happen. Not with what is unfolding in France. Weapons caches were discovered in some of the refugee camps blowing any naritive of vetting

We will see. O just got told no by a majority of the country. He doesn’t do NO well. This will be touch and go for a while. Will the states follow the legal guidelines and tie it up in court or will O try and force it down their throats? If he forces it I believe we will see a Bundy Ranch incident x10. The Governors of the states will be forced to chose between defying the federal government or suffering the wrath of the people. People are not concerned about politics or PC BS in this situation. American citizens are genuinely scared for their lives. If the government thinks Ferguson and Baltimore were bad wait till most of the population panics because they think terrorists are being brought to their town.