The US is full of S*it , and the world knows it , not to mention we have proven that they cant trust us . Like I keep saying , The Soviet Union is dead , and its not coming back . The Federation is a completely different animal . Like Putin or hate him , while he is in power , Russia will not bend to the NWO , for that alone , I respect him . I think Europe is clearly seeing that we are a do nothing entity , unless its for our own hidden goals . Russia is acting on its own initiative , and actually doing something , the French ( and I suspect others ) are looking to them as an ally that will actually get the job done . ……………the end of ISIS , and hopefully of NATO down the road . That would be a win on many levels . And as a matter of geography , Russia is in a better position to make continuous strikes in that area . Logistics at work again . As time goes on , Europe is going to see more attacks on its own soil , from all the friendly newcomers they let in . I would also bet sooner , rather than later , as ISIS starts loosing on the middle eastern front . It should be embarrassing to us that the leader of Iraq was considering asking them to make air strikes against ISIS in his country ( while we are still there )

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