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I doubt that anyone in the US Army is ready to die protecting the civil rights of immigrant refugees.

I doubt that, too, but I have no doubt that, if he thought it would get him closer to the martial law and universal weapons confiscation he’s been jonesing for, he’d arrange for a few refujihadis to get bloodied in conflict with “right wingers,” somewhere.

The law says he can allow them in. It probably doesn’t say he can compel citizens to quarter them in their homes. So, instead, he picks out some big apartment buildings on the edge of some neighborhoods where NoSuchAgency has ID’ed people opposed to his Trojan Horse op, installs his imported troops, furnishes them with target addresses, and waits for the fallout. Easy-peasy. If he can’t cook up chaos with a recipe, and all the ingredients, he ain’t the conniving community organizer he used to be.

Cry, "Treason!"