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L Tecolote, you might want to modify your block quote there, though I figured out which was your part anyway. And That’s correct except I think you were too generous (on the low side) with the 3/4 of the politicians figure. Some may appear pro-2nd Amendment, and maybe truly are, but they’re still backstabbing the people that put them there by allowing us to continue down the path of ultimate destruction. The system is rigged such that those that truly do oppose what’s going on in Washington are either corrupted themselves with money and/or blackmail of some sort, or they’re simply defunded by the Party while a “chosen one” is funded to replace them in the next election. Between now and then, the media won’t give them a voice (except as a token to maintain the appearance of “fair and balanced in only one network’s case – which is itself the faux fair and balanced token of the media). And those same senators and representatives are marginalized out of any power or influence whatsoever for the balance of their terms. But on the whole, I could not agree much more with your assessment – spot on.

Don’t forget the agenda behind the group in charge of the international cities movement through the UN which the US happily signed on to. Their history is about taking down right wing extremists, not Islamic ones. Combine that with DHS and other associated law enforcement designations of what constitutes a potential right wing terrorist, and bingo: WE’re the enemy without having fired a shot.