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Here’s one take on how & why ISIS was set up:

So if, as I hear on the radio, Belgium has a “city” of ~800,000 refujihadis, and they estimate (guess) that only ~500 of those are the “radicals” who “bear watching,” and if by their estimates, it takes ~10 trained observers to properly “watch” each such “radical”, in case he might do something “suspicious,” (provided they have all been correctly identified, of course) why would anyone, Zero, or Ms. Jarrett, or (____fill in the blank), want to bring in 10,000 of them to start, and 100,000 by some unidentified date in 2017? Is it a jobs program? And just who is expected to keep the US door open for the refujihadis, past 21JAN16?

Is this another of those clever little clues we’re not expected to be smart enough to pick up on? To quote Gilda Radner’s character, Emily Litella, “Oh … Never mind!”

Cry, "Treason!"