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Response to Dutch Viking:
Political “leaders” are not “representatives.” They have become dictators, caring not about their people. And in this case, Dutch_Viking, he’s made that glaringly evident to anyone with ears to hear. If the Netherlands became 51% Muslim and they voted in Sharia law, that would be just fine. Sure! Just fine IF all that is good and politically holy is democracy. But if democracy exists as the sole or even primary means by which decisions are made, it becomes quite possible (even inevitable) that human rights become irrelevant.

Democracy = two wolves and a sheep sitting down and voting on what to have for dinner during a famine. The majority wins, the majority can re-determine what “rights” even means. And without God in the equation, there is no such thing as “human rights,” or “unalienable rights.” They would have no legitimate conceptual basis. Rights would be solely determined by the majority at any given time, subject to changes in the majority at any later time.

How absolutely stupid they are – OR – how absolutely evil they are. I vote for evil. They are of the group sworn to fundamental evil and the subjection of all human beings, ultimately – no matter how many generations it takes. Anyone rejecting that belief, rejects it at his or her own peril. And the more that reject it, the more vulnerable we all are.