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one of our ministers in the dutch parliament :
Donner : Enter sharia as majority want….
Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner ( CDA) believes that the Netherlands Muslims, even fundamentalist , with open arms to receive. “If someone refuses to shake hands with women , you have to accept that .”

Donner says in an interview with Free Netherlands. In it he also appears to have no fundamental objections to the introduction of sharia, Islamic law, in the Netherlands. “If two-thirds of all Dutch tomorrow would want to introduce Sharia, then that possibility still exist?”

Donner: No objection to Sharia Donner calls “the essence of democracy.” The majority counts. The minister would like to see a radical Muslim leader Abou Jahjah, leader of the Arab European League, as quickly as possible is elected in parliament. “He stays within the limits of the law and functions as a lightning rod for the discomfort among young Muslims.”
Donner believes that secularization in the Netherlands by beaten. Therefore people respond according to the minister ‘extremely’ at the rise of Islam. “They are so arrogant to think that belief in God is stupid.”
Netherlands should welcome a new Muslim community with open arms, finds Donner. And if Muslims keep on following their own behavior, one has to accept that. “When I leave here, Muslim leaders have visited, I do not say: come guys, let’s go have a drink.”
The Freedom Party of Geert Wilders takes the statements of Donner high and will pose questions in Parliament today on the statements of the minister. Wilders, a Dutch minister obliged, at all times to oppose by force against the introduction of the barbaric sharia in the Netherlands. “