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This is just an example of the typical American methodology. These armories are not secure sites in any fashion and are frequently open to the public to attend entertaining events. I’ve been in armories to attend circuses, gun and art shows. The whole facility is open for inspection if that was your purpose. If there were any alarm systems my guess is they are limited to perimeter detection devices. Probably the locker is a cage within a locked room. I’d make a bet the perp’s entered through an unprotected skylight or other roof opening. On the other hand the general public has no idea how ingenious determined criminals are and the tools available to them when they want something of value. This place could have had guards sitting at the front entrance and not known they were getting ripped off.

I doubt a private firearms business with class 3 weaponry would have such easily defeated security measures. An actual gun safe would make it much more difficult, not impossible, but the tools needed would be different. Interior motion sensors are also hard to defeat without some knowledge of the system.

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