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Looks like they got 10 pistols, 6 M4’s and a couple other long guns.

Yes, I heard that on Fox News this morning too. It’s really sad that I’m skeptical of anything coming out of the “news” media, and particularly if it’s the “news” media reporting on what the government is doing – one unreliable source reporting on another source that initially withheld what would seem to be readily releasable information. So, my honest reaction is, maybe, maybe not. It may very well be only those weapons (as serious as that is), or we’re looking at something much different. I have no reason to believe either possibility over the other, given the long-gone credibility of either the media or the government.

In the meantime, where’s the story about the possible (!) security breach? In through the roof? No alarms as evidenced by the break-in being “found” on Sunday? Weapons stored in a “locker” (at least that was Fox’s version)? I’ll bet many here, with far less money to waste, keep their weapons in something more than a “locker.” Yes, I worked for da gummint for a long time, and fully understand the corruption, waste, abuses, etc. But this is ridiculous. And if I’m wrong and it isn’t ridiculous, then just report on it and explain it.