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But why risk breaking into an armory? It would seem there are plenty of softer targets out there. As an aside for anyone that wants to try to pass for a New Englander, Worcester is properly pronounced wusster. That is unless you have a Boston style accent, and then it’s just wussta.

On the matter avoidance of public venues that might be targets, there are untold #’s of them of course, but my heart dropped for a moment last night when we got a photo of my 3 year old granddaughter taken at a “Nutcracker Tea” at the Trump National Golf Club – Charlotte. Its actually way out in the suburbs just a couple miles from my daughter’s home. All I could think was given Trump may well be the only candidate that would actually fight Islamic terrorism, anything associated with him could well become a target. That and the fact that my intelligent well educated beautiful daughter is not situationally aware at all. She just doesn’t think in these terms. Sometimes it amazes me that she and her brother grew up in the same house with the same parents. He is extremely aware.