Yes gun free states need to get ready. This is the way the government wants to bring in marshal law and say that it will save us.

Martial law is the last thing they want or need.

Think about it for a moment.
The sheer quantity of resources to support a city of 8 million such as zoo York alone is beyond belief.
Let alone the state, the eastern seaboard, etc.

What would come with martial law?
Revolution. Riots. Revolt.
Exactly what they don’t want happening when dealing with a bunch of armed goat humpers.

The revolt is only in their plans when they are leading it.

Martial law isn’t part of the long plan.
The slow change to a socialist .gov is.
These terrs are the fly in the ointment, stirring up the rabble, arming those who may never have considered getting a gun before. Conservatism on the rise, they are losing hard won ground.

Step back, take the emotion out, look at it all with sterile eyes.
Clinical thought.
Martial law? No.

Self policing, turn in your neighbors for the common good, big brother is watching.
Fear, paranoia and self interest are all they need to make it happen.