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What isn’t being said is at least as important as what is being said. The FBI will not identify what weapons or how many were stolen. However, one story did say the thieves got in through the roof. Latest word this evening from one story is,

Ms. Setera said the FBI is working with other agencies. Sunday, as darkness fell, two vehicles were parked at the Shaw Building on the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s University Campus and investigators examined the hillside between that building and the armory, taking photographs. The crew declined to identify themselves to a reporter and went to the armory when they left.

“We are collaborating with Massachusetts State Police, Worcester police and others to locate and recover these weapons immediately. There is no indication that these missing weapons are connected to any kind of terrorism threat whatsoever,” Ms. Setera said in her statement. “Nevertheless, every effort will be made to recover these weapons immediately.”

No motion detection tied to any alarm system, apparently (unless somebody knew how to disarm it before it was triggered). Thieves somehow knew to go through the roof. One might wonder about an inside job. Terrorist or not, they seem rather tight-lipped about the whole thing, to include the unidentified vehicles and their unidentified “crew.” Why the unwillingness to identify even who they work for when the FBI is out front in the investigation (by appearances, anyway)? And who are the “others” the FBI is “collaborating with” besides Mass. State Police and Worcester Police? Why not just identify them? A Reserve center? What’s so big-dealish about that, beyond the obvious weapons theft? And if there were really high value/sensitive weapons inside, what happened to security that the theft had to be “discovered?”

May be nothing but some punk kids wanting more guns for the streets or to sell, but it just smells odd to me.