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74 – absolutely. I’ve believed that since Obama began his presidency. I never believed he was unintelligent, “can’t speak without a teleprompter,” or didn’t understand global politics. He was chosen and groomed by the best of the worst. Destabilizatioin is explained away as “miscalulation,” or some such rot – it’s never acknowledged as a policy in and of itself, for the realization of specific goals. I’ll say it again: it starts with the tactics contained in Marx’ and Engels’ work published 167 years ago (just forget all about the political label in the title of the book and focus on the tactics), combined with Cloward and his lovely {choke!} wife’s article in the May 1966 issue of “The Nation,” and the subsequent publishing of Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals.” That is what is being followed today, last month, last year, last decade, and much of the last century. And it will continue into the future until some event, much bigger than the multi-nationalists can comprehend (let alone prevail against) takes place. Recognition of this overall pattern makes understanding the news (even through the propaganda) far easier.

Frances Fox Piven is still alive and very much kicking (despite her 80+ age). She’s an articulate, dangerous piece of work, and is as or more radical than she was in the 60s. One can find her in many YouTube videos.

A decent article on this very subject (Obama’s use of Cloward-Piven) can be found at Freedom Outpost, though it doesn’t go far enough. Obama is using it globally, as you say. Anyone wanting more on Piven can find it here.