Let’s face it, the libtards use these buy backs to feel like they are accomplishing something.
And I hate to admit it, I don’t mind them doing it.
Long as its their money.

It brings some neat stuff out of closets for cash purchases, and maybe granny gums gets double or more cash for what she brings instead of some bs card.
Win – win.

And to get rid of hot/crime guns, what better way.

We had a little old lady bring in her husband’s WWII bring back pistol.
It had been in a drawer for 20+ years, she was scared of it and had literally left it in with his socks since his death. She was going into a home and had to finish cleaning out the house, and there it lay.
She brought it in, in a brown paper sack, two pairs of socks picked up at the same time. She wanted it destroyed.
I talked with her at length about it.
She got $500 the next week and a local collector got an amazing piece for more than it was worth.

Let em do the buy backs, use it to your advantage.
I actually participated in one a while back.
Turned in 4 broken pos guns not worth $35 in parts for $600.
Went and bought a new Glock with the cash.