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I am astounded by the Alex Jones video. I almost did not watch it (which would have been my very normal response). I just don’t bother wasting my time with him, and haven’t for many years (never, really). So imagine my more than surprised reaction to finding how much sense it made overall. Like L Tecolote, I don’t know if he’s got every detail correct, and I still can’t easily watch his histrionic presentation of anything. But I got through it all the way, and tried to filter the messenger out of the message. The result? The main pieces line up all too well, and far better than any other theory. No one wants to connect the invasion of Iraq with anything, except maybe a lame excuse that W. wanted to avenge a plot to murder his daddy. We would have seen people coming out of the woodwork had that been the reason. Yet Ron Paul was absolutely correct when he said Al Qaeda wasn’t IN Iraq before the invasion (with the possible, minimal exception of some training camps near borders). And Libya? At best we’re told that it was a bungling attempt to get rid of a brutal dictator. But of course that never stopped us from supporting him, or Saddam, or the Shah, or many others while they were still serving us usefully. Libya was the major turning point in that region for what became known as “Arab Spring.” It almost sounds like the code name of an American military operation! I’ve never believed Hillary just made a mistake in her support of military action in Libya. And her stupefied denial just months after Benghazi upon questioning by Rand Paul concerning weapons shipments out of Benghazi? Laughable, if it wasn’t so horribly serious (we could have THAT monstrosity as our next President). And what we promoted in Egypt was similarly destined to end in chaos. Syria? Ditto. Obama’s “red line” being crossed with zero response? It was never allowed to be highlighted in the MSM when any idiot knows that kind of policy “blunder” should be grounds for nearly destroying any other president. Obama going to Turkey today, ahead of the G-20 to see his good buddy, Erdogan? Oh how I wish there could be a fly on that wall with bugging capability to transmit out THAT conversation!

I still don’t plan on making InfoWars my source for information. I’d go nuts listening to Jones. But that video was certainly a complete surprise to me – just too much truth, and sadly almost no one else speaking it.