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GS, there are exceptions to everything but unless the marriage is suspected of being a sham such as sometimes occurs with mail order brides or the foreign spouse is a criminal it is not likely there would be any issues.

Earlier you commented on dual citizenship. I agree that one must be loyal to their country of residence and assimilate, but dual citizenship does not automatically mean non-loyalty or non-assimilation. I have dual US-Canadian citizenship despite never living in Canada or having the intent to live in Canada. I got dual citizenship by virtue of my mother being born in Canada to a Canadian mother and though she came to the US as a baby she was never naturalized in the US. Her father was a US citizen born and raised in Massachusetts which gave my mother US citizenship from birth and automatic dual citizenship. I filled out the paperwork for the dual status so as to give me the option of going to Canada should I ever want to. One theoretical scenario would be me going there so as to sponsor my kids going to Canada if future events made that desirable. Until then I’m just another American, but with this special status up my sleeve just in case.

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