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I hope MountainBiker is correct. I’m far from expert in immigration law, but I do personally know of a few cases where Americans married foreign nationals, and their spouses were subsequently threatened with deportation. While we’re not at all immune to the ills of the rest of the world, at least we’re behind them on the timeline, seemingly. I certainly know I would not trade what I’ve got here for any other nation’s conditions. So perhaps coming here could be an excellent move. Just please research the details of immigration law prior to moving, so you don’t have to turn back to a place that is hostile. I suspect there are those here on the Forum that could potentially help you navigate that maze successfully because of their own first hand experiences. (Be careful with Canada – a wonderful country in many respects, but their economy is heading down about as fast as it took the Twin Towers to disappear once they began to fall. And becoming a permanent resident there is not at all quick and easy for those never having lived or worked in Canada, especially without some family member/sponsor there.)