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Though I’m thoroughly turned off by the new owner of Casey Research (the long-time brain child of Doug Casey), I still subscribe to a couple of his publications, one of which is the monthly “Casey Report.” Even though Porter Stansberry now owns Casey Research, Doug Casey still has some input. I truly wish copyright wasn’t a factor, because I’d love to post the entire end notes portion of this month’s edition right here. You all would love it! But I believe in protecting a person’s right to his own material (or even the company behind it), so I’ll just operate under the “fair use” doctrine and post this tiny piece from his latest meanderings:

Since economies around the world are all weakening, and political leaders are all similar in essential mindset, there’s good reason to believe the trend towards World War III is accelerating.

In the article he points out (as one of many factors of course) how the United States simply cannot keep its nose out of everyone else’s business – not that we can’t engage in discussion and even sometimes apply pressure, but he’s talking about overt threatening behavior. Just one quote in the article makes the point at a fundamental level:

How would the U.S. react if Chinese planes and warships were often seen off the West coast? Or if the Santa Catalina or San Juan islands developed independence movements that the Chinese backed?