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Don’t bet on it, they have been there for centuries.

Bingo! One only needs to read even just the final chapter of the Communist Manifesto to realize that. Marx and Engels talked about exactly that – joining with the most radical groups that existed in various countries (he named some), in order to have some claim to legitimacy and advance the work. But it’s important to realize that Marx and Engels were acknowledging that forms of the “movement” had already been there and had established themselves. (Remember: the Manifesto was published 167 years ago, therefore Marx was documenting exactly what Whirlibird said.)

Personally, I have traced it all back to the very beginning, and have solid evidence. I was blown away by what I found almost a year and a half ago – it’s changed the way I look at all of this chaos. But that’s based on things not appropriate for this thread, or even in the spiritual thread as an open topic. It’s far deeper, far more widespread, than almost anyone realizes. But even disregarding that line of thinking, the solid historical evidence is all there – it just isn’t easily available to the average person, and certainly isn’t being taught in schools. Whirlibird hit the nail on the head. It’s too well established for a turn-around now. The masses have been masterfully dumbed down, and now believe that what they’re being taught is THE right way to think. Critical thinking, logic, etc., aren’t being taught with any regularity anymore – they’re dangerous to the movement because they encourage thinking for oneself. I was fortunate to have been taught debate as early as junior high school, and one of the most beneficial courses I ever took was a college course called “Logic and the Scientific Method.” It taught how to consider alternatives, and track them all the way to the beginning, looking for flaws – and sometimes finding out the alternatives were actually the correct ideas, not what seemed correct. It was all logical, not emotional, with lots of “what ifs” thrown in along the way (as in always remaining skeptical to the end, lest one misses something important along the way).