Larry Vickers is the real deal.
And he builds an amazing 1911.
The WC version is almost as good as Vickers work. Almost.

I’m a 1911 fan, I make no bones about it. I build custom 1911’s.
But I also carry a Glock.

I’ve carried both, I trust both.
Both guns have their attributes.
The 1911 makes a nice sap if needed, the Glock doesn’t.
The Glock can withstand abuse that would make a 1911 choke.
(hint: Don’t abuse your guns and expect to survive the gunfight)

In the wake of all the criminal and terr activity lately, what am I carrying?
A Glock. And a pile of mags are nearby.
The fact that I’m carrying double the rounds my 1911 can, with a gun that looks like the guns that every cop in the area are carrying, I can get ammo from them if needed, and the gun is 100% reliable made the choice easy.

That I’m running around in a t-shirt all day despite the weather, hiding a 1911 in an NPE (non-permissive environment) also made the choice easy, the Glock conceals easier and better.

I hear moans about the compact and sub compact 1911’s, I build them.
As the gun gets smaller, it becomes more finicky and temperamental.
Slight grip variations, ammo problems, all contribute to issues. And if my family and my life are on the line, I need 100%, not 93% reliability.
If you’re going to use a 1911, get a Commander or full size and use good mags.

Back to Vickers, here’s a few video’s you might like.
FYI he’s a Glock fan.

Personally, I agree.
Carry a Glock.
Buy a 1911, (or twelve) support America.