They do not want any white skills in government. We have lots of white engineers that actually find employment in Dubai and other places because they cannot find work in government or elsewhere in South Africa because of the transformation quotas. (Being a pale male) However, government has brought in engineers and mechanics from Cuba to maintain the military equipment and engineers to work on our water problems rather than employing qualified whites.

South Africa used to manufacture our own military equipment nevermind maintain it. We did this while the whole world had sanctions against us. Now we cannot even maintain a sewerage plant. This is the reality of South Africa today.

The bottom line is this that if you do not have a degree no country would really accept you as an immigrant. You have to have the skills to enter such a country. The white children are being discriminated against where entrance to universities are concerned. The demographics has to match the country demographics. So my daughter nearly did not get in to university at the beginning of this year as my children are doing the Cambridge syllabus which is far more difficult than the government curriculum. She eventually with a big fight and Cambridge getting involved, got in. Now she is getting 80% overall in her 1st year. Compare that to the fact that 50% of 1st years have already fallen out.

So they are really pushing us down. This country is going bankrupt and the next thing that is going to happen is that they will take our pensions. (Mark my words!!!!) They want to take 51% of businesses and farms. Right here at this point you will get a civil war. We are outnumbered but I can promise you this I will happily die in this fight for justice. What is happening in South Africa is going to happen the world over. You have a certain group of people who want to live off the rest while doing nothing. Receiving grants, housing, schooling etc. all for free while others need to work and pay tax. (Yes, this is slavery) – also called socialism.

My boy who is in Grade 9 now in Cambridge is getting 93% and 94% and 90% 96% for Accounting, Math, Science, Design & Technology. Would I be able to send him out to an overseas university? Would I be able to afford to send him? (His English mark is terrible 48%). However, this is killing me and I cannot tell you how hard this is for me when looking at my children and seeing no future for them here or anywhere else in the world really. Nobody wants us!!!