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Oh – you mean nobody at the theater, stadium, restaurant, etc., pulled out their carry weapon and shot back? SHOCKING! [sarc/OFF]

I wonder if the (currently reported) 160 dead would like a do-over on that policy. Or how about their loved ones who now mourn their losses? If shown a movie of what would have happened to them one day prior, knowing that they would die the next day, would they STILL want no one in those facilities to be unarmed? I won’t go into the mall in the nearby city because of a no-gun policy. I don’t care how much money I can save, or the opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind item available only in a mall store. I had a long discussion with the mall manager, and he stuck to his position that they want customers to feel safe inside the mall, so they put up the no gun signs prominently at all entrances. He became selectively deaf when I mentioned that I doubted criminals would honor the sign – just law abiding citizens. He muttered something about having “security” in the mall…. (Overweight, old, not even openly carrying the last I was in that mall years ago. And one can walk all through the mall without ever seeing one of ‘em anyway. The mall manager quoted corporate policy and other mutterings – total waste of breath. This is what I want to see (it’s been posted here before):