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I’m no longer using the terms immigrants, migrants, refugees, or even illegal aliens. Since the few that really are looking for a better life within the US culture, as opposed to replacing it with their own brand, aren’t willing to actively demonstrate their loyalty and appreciation for the US, then they’re all invaders. The same is true across Europe and elsewhere. Invaders. Period. They should be dealt with as would anyone invading our nation(s). Harsh? Yep. If they don’t want to demonstrably play by the rules, don’t come, and it won’t be a problem. They stay out, we live in a constitutional republic, and everybody’s happy. The left is using all this “diversity” cr@p to shame us into destroying ourselves. If they come here and don’t want to be CULTURAL Americans FIRST (or French, or German, or British, as the case may be), get out. Period. End of story.

[And no, I think we’re beyond that capability any longer – of peaceful coexistence within our borders, with the invaders. My wife muttered a comment tonight that she doesn’t think this nation can possibly survive another year of the Obama Administration. My response was that we’re already past that point. I heard Thomas Sowell state without any reservations just days before the 2012 election, that if Obama got another four years, we would NOT survive as a constitutional republic. He did not pull back from that one bit, and did not modify it. It was short and absolute. I was stunned when I heard him say it, but as I reflected on it, I had the serious concern that he was right. He was.]