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No, other than missing the final “y” which you correctly supplied (thanks), it meant just that (though not at all clearly – home sick all day and frustrated at the news of the day at the same time). I meant that if our gummint (NoSuchAgency and a WHOLE lot of others, including DEA) can be monitoring everything about us, then those same gummint snoops can and SHOULD be even more closely monitoring any potential jihadis – particularly if they aren’t even American citizens. It would never happen, but I’d be thrilled if we deported every single non-citizen Muslim.

I don’t know what invisible rock I’ve been sitting under, but I just learned tonight that no visa is required to fly from France to the US. I was shocked. Not having traveled across the Pacific or Atlantic, I was unaware of that fact until tonight. I literally thought I’d heard it wrong in my fog today, and kept listening thereafter – sure enough, there it was. So in other words, we let anyone just waltz on in without a visa from certain foreign countries. Whether I knew that or not, certainly the jihadis know. I would have no problem with very limited personal freedoms for non-US citizen Muslims. It ain’t their Constitution, and it ain’t their country. The burden of proof is on them, and if they don’t like that burden, Tango Sierra.

Oh – and dual citizenship? Forget that noise. Pick a country, commit to it, and live in it as a full, participating citizen. Muslims these days are a special category, and particularly without massive uprisings of all those good, decent, peace-loving Muslims we hear about, as they demonstrate against the jihadis (and turn them in – they know who they are.), they should have no special protection under the Constitution. I’m not ready to move ‘em all into Japanese-style holding camps like was done in WWII, but I expect demonstrated loyalty in return. (And sadly, Islam is fundamentally NOT compatible with the Constitution. Ben Carson got reamed for that – and he was right!)