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We may not have the massive numbers Europe has, but there are plenty of ‘em here already, and they’re setting up shop by taking over communities. Detroit is the glaringly obvious example, but it’s happening elsewhere. I have seen mosques in the nearby city in multiple locations – a quiet Southern (intentional upper case, by the way) city, not downtown Detroit. Places of worship? Maybe, maybe not. with a military installation nearby and significant retiree and veteran population, I don’t trust it!

And our “freedom” laws will be used to the maximum to uphold the freedom of assembly in places of “worship” without being subject to anything even slightly smacking of profiling. I say profile the snot out of ‘em! If they’re innocent in this or that gathering, so be it But profile ‘em none the less. If they can monitor my phone calls, emails, etc., then the can and should be actively monitoring Muslims’ phone and email traffic. Things could change in an instant. I no longer trust any of them. I don’t know if they’re lying to us and setting us up, or if they truly reject this jihad crap. If the latter, they why not mass demonstrations of support down the main street of Paris or other European cities, or Mainstreet USA? Where’s their massive show of support for freedom, and their demonstration of renunciation of Islamic terrorism? If they’re not willing to fight (and die if necessary) for the freedoms they enjoy here, then get the heck out. But of course, that’s not the point – they’re here to Islamize everyone and bring on Sharia law.