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Is there a risk that the govt. will ban white emigration from SA?

In all seriousness with no levity intended, wouldn’t that amount to slavery – forcing whites to stay so the government could make the best use of their labor, money, skills, etc.?

Of course, the U.S. has their own version of that, by taxing people big time if thy go through the regulatory (and financial) maze of actually renouncing citizenship. They truly do own us, regardless of any declaration of sovereignty on our parts. One might suggest that we simply ship our assets (no pun intended) out of the country first, and then thumb our noses at them from afar after we’ve left. The problem is, they’ve already got provisions in place to seriously punish any nation that helps protect an American that the US says owes money. Just even TRY to open a non-US bank account, and see what happens. Do what the Chinese are doing, and build our own island in international waters? We’d have an aircraft carrier and/or destroyer park up next to the island in a heartbeat, simply because of a desire to live Robinson Crusoe style. And even if we leave long term without renouncing citizenship, we are still taxed in the US on any income.

So, I suspect that SA would have already learned from the US how to keep their population from leaving in large numbers. But I’m interested to hear from our SA members as to what it actually takes to exit (permanently).

[Anyone interested in the lengthy version of what happens to a US citizen from a US tax law attorney, can go here.]