Yes, it has increased. We have severe problems at Universities at the moment. The problem is that our government schooling system is just so bad and they can pass with 30% in 4 subjects and 40% if I’m correct (Leopard??) in 3 others. They get in at university and they cannot finish because they struggle academically and financially. The result is them breaking the universities down demanding NO FEES. They want free university. Every sector in South Africa is declining. People are getting poorer and poorer and that includes me. The less money you have the less of a chance you’ve got to make it out of the country. There is a concerted effort to break down all institutions that gives whites an advantage ie. a university degree or instruction in Afrikaans their home language. This is going to end up in a revolution where a whole lot people are going to die. What is your feeling Leopard? They predict that the Rand would be R20-00 to the USD in 2018.