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The November inmates are the first of approximately 46,000 who may have their cases reviewed.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “Stand by for NEWS!” Because it’s gonna be comin’ – in the crime pages.

A third are illegals and felons so they can’t work.

That can be read two ways, but reasonably seems to mean that 1/3 are BOTH illegal and felons, since with the kinds of sentences and offenses these guys have, they’re ALL felons (all 6000+). Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that 1/3 are illegal aliens. So why are we hearing THIS?!?

1,764 were to be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation proceedings.

Whirlibird, I cleaned up my language 40 years ago, and have tried my best to keep it that way ever since. That doesn’t mean my inner thoughts don’t waver a bit at times. And there are times when what I am willing to say, simply doesn’t properly express my thoughts and feelings. This is one of them. So it is with great appreciation that I read what I suspect was your own attempt at keeping the language decent in the Forum as well. I further suspect that perhaps the word “Thank” in your topic title was merely a decent substitute for what would far more accurately describe the inner thoughts of many. Thus, I’ll just let it stand as is, and say, “Amen!” But if in the unlikely event that you really did mean “Thank you mr prez” literally, I withdraw my “Amen!” I don’t suspect I’ll need to do that, however.