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Freedom, I misunderstood his position with the doing away with the IRS. Though I developed serious (as in absolute “no-go”) issues with Alan Keyes back when he ran over a decade ago, I did like his tax plan very much – and it would have done away with the IRS because it was a consumption tax, not a flat tax. His version was VERY different from the “Fair Tax” promoted by former congressman John Linder and Neil Boortz (radio talk show host at the time). I thought the “Fair Tax” was a bad idea (and still do), and I also think a flat tax is a poor idea.

My candidate? He’s done running for anything ever again. At most, I’ll only be enthusiastic about one thing, and that’s defeating somebody, not electing somebody, given the choices. But come primary time in my state, Cruz (if he’s still running), most definitely will not be my pick if I go with a Republican ballot. In my state, primaries are open, and we can vote whatever primary ballot we choose. In another election, we can vote another party’s ballot. We don’t register by party any longer (thank goodness!). I’ve voted for the least objectionable Democrat a number of times in the primary, then turned around and voted to defeat whichever Democrat was on the ballot in the general election, sometimes choosing a 3rd party candidate on principle, even knowing they would not win. If everybody votes based on who the media TELL us can or can’t win, no one will “waste” their vote on a 3rd party candidate. I refuse to play that game. If I feel strongly enough, I’ll add numbers to the 3rd party, in hopes that people will start to notice the upswing in support, and a few elections down the road, in theory, the 3rd party begins to attract more voters that believe they’ve got a chance of their votes counting even with it being a 3rd party.

Nothing will change as long as we all accept nothing but Demoblicans. George Washington (and others) saw what that would lead to – and they were right. Of course, the Demoblicans all conspired to create rules that virtually prohibit 3rd parties from even being able to qualify to be on ballots, and then the media seals the deal by their propaganda to entirely marginalize any 3rd party candidates.