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Cruz is far too confrontational, and does not have the demeanor to work with the more moderate Democrats, or even members of his own party who might happen to at least share SOME areas of common interest. And Cruz can want to end the IRS all he wants. But he’d still be stuck with the FACT that the Constitution was amended in 1913 to add the income tax as THE method of tax collection (16th Amendment), and also eliminate states’ voices in the separation of powers by making statewide elections the method of choosing US Senators (17th Amendment). So take away the IRS, create another form of tax collection (who’d administer it anyway???) and Congress could just still go with the 16th Amendment to add income tax back on top of it all later on, since it would take another constitutional amendment to repeal the 16th. Add in the creation of the Federal Reserve in that same year, and we’ve been on life support machinery now for the last 102 years – and only us nut cases with the tinfoil hats knew anything about it. Cruz talks big, but he would have no power to do what he claims he would do, and he doesn’t have the people-skills to build consensus. He’d be a veto-only president, and that would only stop MORE new legislation, since he can’t retroactively veto anything. Oh – do away with a few federal agencies? Heck, Reagan even promised that, particularly with the Department of Education – and you see how far even he got. Nope – with all due respect, I don’t think Cruz is my man at all.