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By spoiled, I didn’t mean we should not value what we’ve got – only that we (collectively) look at it without much regard to what it took to build it, or what it takes to maintain it now. People just “expect” all those services, through temper tantrums of their lights go out for 30 minutes during a severe thunderstorm, etc. Spoiled in the sense of “expectation,” with no appreciation for how much more we’ve got than so many others around the world. We’re privileged (NOT in the guilt-trip sense that word has come to mean these days) to have what we have, and deserve to have it because we built it all for ourselves as a nation (collectively speaking). Barack Hussein Obama and his evil minions did not build it, but far too (increasingly) many believe the government just magically provides all these things for “us” – and “we” don’t have to do anything to keep it – it’s all owed to “us” starting with a $15/hour starting wage when we drop out of high school and bag burgers, with 50% increases each month, with a no-fire clause in the contract.

In the meantime, we have no clue what’s being experienced in Europe or Scandanavia by original Europeans and Scandanavians, or what’s happening in South Africa, etc. We’ve got it so very good, comparatively, and don’t have a clue…. The rest of everybody else can just drink soda and call a plumber. [sarc/OFF]

Meanwhile, Roto-Rooter wouldn’t be sufficient in DC or the collective statehouses. The big portabella (as Dennis Miller once called it) would seem more useful.