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GS, I to see only one way this time around and that is to vote for which ever is the Republican, I do not want Hillary to win. Does not mean that the Republican will be a great leader but a Republican will be a lot better then Hillary.

I think we all should vote this time. A Republican will buy us some time but will not save us from all the problems we have.

I have my favorite, Ted Cruz because he believes so much in the constitution but I do not think the GOP will back him because of that reason. Rubio wants to give the illegals the right to stay and I am not for that, a crime is a crime. All have to come to America legally so Trump and Cruz are the only ones on that side. Even though Rubio is seen like the one more electable by the GOP he has that problem for me.

Also Cruz wants to end the IRS and four other government agencies. That is great. The smaller the Federal government the better.