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Freedom – very nice gesture on your part, and sincerely appreciated. But I won’t watch it. The debates are largely a joke/dog&pony show anyway, but if I was going to watch it, I’d want to watch ALL of it, not the media’s chosen selctions. Occasionally a remark will be made by a candidate that I will consider significant (either positive or negative), and I’ll file that away in my (+) or (-) file for that candidate (or sometimes my (Ø) file). I’m really close to wanting to decide that I simply will not participate in the corrupt system by voting – period. But anything can happen right up to the last minute, so I won’t commit myself. And I might have to “vote” to hopefully help forestall the final takeover by Hillary. Her absolute lie to Rand Paul back shortly after returning to society with her wizard glasses, claiming she had never even HEARD of any talk of weapons and Benghazi, would be justification enough for any clear thinking person to vote that piece of slime off the face of the earth, if possible – and certainly keep her from ever entering the White House again in any capacity. Plus, I’ve spoken to some who’ve personally experienced her, very up close, and very personal, who KNOW how she behaves when the cameras aren’t rolling, and particularly around uniformed military members. She makes Michelle Obama look downright patriotic! Thus, I’m leaving my options open. But I’m not interested in edited (and therefore potentially propaganda) excerpts from debates to help shape my opinions. If I can’t see it all and use my own brain to evaluate it, I ain’t gonna watch. Again, sincere thanks for the effort to post that, however – I understand your helpful and positive intent.