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Fair disclosure: Rant ahead.

So. We have a presidential election coming up in the US. And the Republican National Committee, representing THE Party itself in the person of that corrupt piece of posterior ejectus, Reince Priebus, collaborates with Fox News to parade out all the candidates for the American people to evaluate. Except that the majority of Americans can’t watch it! And they put it on a cable network that is not available to probably the vast majority of people. We get more than basic cable at our home, but do not choose to subscribe to some of the higher level of premium options, so we don’t get the Fox Business Network channel. Obviously, a lot of other people don’t either, because Fox News regularly “reminds” people to call their cable channels and tell them they want to receive Fox Business Network, not just basic Fox News. They would not do that if they were available to the majority of households on cable TV. And what of those that don’t even have cable TV? How do people get to evaluate the candidates directly (not that most bother – but what about the freedom to choose – or not choose – to do so?).

So – what if they gave an election, and the voters didn’t even know what the candidates were all about, except through the filters of the talking heads on the “news” channels? The opinions, as skewed as they are anyway, are then literally controlled by the media, the polls are largely constructed and “interpreted” by the media, the non-favored candidates start dropping out because they can’t raise enough money to be seen directly by the people, and we’re down to the primaries in just a couple more months, with the “final few,” as carefully selected by the “news” media. “OH! But the PEOPLE are behind the poll numbers!!!” Yeah, based on what? The media’s second-handedly crafted sham debates that were largely hidden from the voters themselves? Only the chosen few will even survive until the primaries, the voters then select the “winners” as determined by the media propaganda, and we’re off and running with another pre-selected outcome and another four years of more of the same (devolution as a nation and society).

Tell me where I’ve got any piece of that wrong. Please! Because I hope I AM wrong. The cognitive dissonance is playing havoc with my brain. This just can’t be happening in the land of the free and home of the brave, living under an inspired Constitution. Right? Right???? (Darn, those crickets….!)

My tall rubber boots aren’t high enough to get through this level of Bravo Sierra. Plus the methane levels are toxic anyway.

(Someone once told me that it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on. But they didn’t tell me how to handle both at the same time – at least not without being put behind bars for the rest of my life.)