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We are so spoiled over here. We call the water and sewer company, and a true blockage is usually addressed same day or within 24 hours. If it’s a septic tank system, then the owner has to find someone to come out and dig, but usually there is someone to call. Americans too often forget how blessed we are, partly because we don’t know anything about what’s going on in so many other places. I just went to Google News and these are the six “most important” headlines of stories they think we should all know from around the “World” :

Myanmar army, president endorse Suu Kyi victory, vow stable transition

Court move deepens Spanish standoff over Catalan secession

European and African Leaders Near Deal on Returning Migrants

France won’t dine without wine, cancels dinner with Iran over menu dispute

EU Move to Label Israeli Settlement Goods Strains Ties

Taiwan and China: a handshake more symbolic than constructive?

I went 12 more stories into the “World” news before they ran out of “important” headlines, and not a single mention of the drought crisis in South Africa. I guess the liberal “climate change” narrative is not as important as the beautiful success in South Africa since Nelson Mandela was released from prison and turned the country into paradise. We cannot damage THAT narrative, now can we?