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I just read this after posting in the other Africa thread. Just as I thought (and wrote there) – besides “mother nature” not cooperating, the government’s ability to maintain what it essentially took over (I don’t choose to say “inherited”), is effectively nil. The power brokers have what they need to live far beyond comfortably, and they have their p o w e r , so why should they care about the people they used to PUT them where they are today? They’ve sold their souls, and are so full of themselves, and so satisfied with the rush they get from all that power, that they neither believe nor comprehend what the “back side” of their existence will look (and feel ) like to them. But sadly, that still doesn’t put food in the stomachs of animals or people, and water in the mouths of all, or into the ground to grow that food. I don’t seek power, but feeling powerlessness is an awful, horrible feeling. And mine is merely vicarious – you all have to live it for real. Leopard, I am just so sorry for you all.