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That is just gut wrenching, Leopard. My first, immediate thought was wondering if a handful of international organizations could put together a relief effort in the form of large transports filled with water, since large trucks probably wouldn’t work in that area. In the US, a large convoy of trucks could bring water from less than 1000 miles easily, because we’ve got well developed highway systems, areas with plentiful water in direct reach of drought-stricken areas by highway, a huge trucking system, etc. But in your case, despite “mother nature” not being on your side right now especially, if the government hasn’t long ago planned for alternate sources and/or routing of water, even large shipments would still only be figurative band-aids on gaping wounds. It’s as much a systemic issue as it is a climate issue, at least from this person’s view from halfway around the world. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I suspect that the ruling government pre-Mandela would never have let it get this bad. South Africa, again from a very distant perspective with highly incomplete and distorted media coverage, appears to have gone into a downward spiral ever since it was forced into changes that put even more corrupt people in power – people that were not competent to run that sort of structure, and who were even intent on destroying much of what existed. Regardless – and this is not just soothing words on a computer screen – you are in our prayers (meaning my wife and me), both politically and safety-wise, but also for the absolute essential of water. [Rhetorical question/ON ]Where is the planning that should have seen this coming and made sure that water supplies were going to be available from elsewhere?!? [Rhetorical question/OFF] I simply cannot wrap my head around the concept that human beings suffer, and power brokers playing gigantic political games live high.