Thank you and thank you for the links. I’ve got a tank outside that can collect water – if only it would rain! The tank is full of tap water at the moment. I am busy with a bigger tank at a friend’s house that needs to be placed at the right spot, need all the connections and fittings. Need to get it done fast now.


It stems from a lack of strategic planning, a loss of skills to transformation and the fact that poorly functioning wastewater treatment plants are spewing close on four billion litres of untreated or partially-treated sewage into the country’s dams and rivers every day,” he said.
These sewage spills are the most serious of the many problems in the water sector.
“Just as a small volume of oil destroys the quality of a large volume of water, so a small source of persistent sewage has essentially the same effect.”
Sewage discharges are also driving the eutrophication of most major dams. Eutrophic water is characterised by the presence of high levels of nutrients, which, in turn promote, the growth of cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae.
One very common species of cyanobacteria produces a potent toxin known as microcystin. This is chemically similar to cobra venom. It is also carcinogenic (cancer-producing) and damages the liver and central nervous system.