Thanks Whirly,
I’ve been leaning toward an AR because out of the box they are ready to shoot. M14:s aren’t optic ready and top ejection interferes with mounts. Why do you want a PSA over all the other choices? Stainless or chrome?

For a target barrel, stainless.
For an MBR, chrome lined.

Why the PSA? Because I can get the receiver easily and build using AR15 parts I already have on hand.
Because the quality is good.
Because I’d rather build, using the parts and pieces I want in there rather than swapping out parts later. No savings, but I can use top shelf to start instead of rack grade.

I wasn’t kidding about the DPMS, even over on FAL Files, it has a surprising reputation

Tolik, we aren’t taking real long range >800y, but the middle ground, 300-800y.
After 800, you begin to really talk about specialty gear and guns.

As to the FAL left handed operation, adding an extra thumb safety lever is easy enough, and copy some of the AK handling, such as the under/over hand charging as they can make it easier for those sad folks in their “right minds”.